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Roof lining

The roof seems out of reach when you’re loading parts in to your van. But when damaged it causes a lot of trouble and is not easy to repair…

With a neatly furnished loading space, where the floor, walls and doors are fitted with neat panelling, you can prevent a lot of damage to the car. What a shame it would be if a high or long load caused damage to the roof of the cargo space. This is not only difficult to repair, but because it is not directly in sight you do not see what the consequences are. Corrosion or even leakage are lurking.

The Motexion headlining is supplied in the same material as the wall covering. So possible in brown, gray and plastic. Fully customized and with the right fasteners so that assembly is a piece of cake.

In addition to preventing damage, a roof lining also has an insulating function. A lot of noise comes from the roof, because it resonates easily and transmits sound to the cargo space, which becomes a sound box.

Headlining is available for almost all models. And if it doesn’t exist yet, we’ll get to work for you soon!